first post aka. introduction post

Nice to meet you~


The first entry. I’m a bit excited XD 

There was a time, when I tried to write a blog (but I’m an absolute beginner in wordpress, I already excuse myself, I’m still learning about the functions here), but stopped it after a while, started again, stopped it and so on. I think, many people experienced the same.

But I think this time it will work, because I have a „once in lifetime“ chance, at least I hope I have it. At moment nothing is really planed … ^^°

Well, what I was talking about, I want to go to Japan for 1 year with a Working Holiday – Visa. Wish me the best!


But before I get to start talking about my plans and my way getting a visa and finally my life in Japan, I’m going to introduce myself, briefly:


My name is Rina.

I’m a mid 20’s girl from Germany, so please don’t judge me for my bad English, I’m trying my best and maybe (hopefully) it will get better if I’ll write a lot ;D

At moment I am a Japanese student, but because of a variety of grounds I have no Japanese classes since summer 2010. If you think my English is bad, my Japanese is even wooooorse!! I don’t like studying that much and learning a language is so hard for me (I’m more a math&physic-girl). Why did I even start to study a language you ask? Because… I’m crazy…?! haha…

I fell in love with Japan, when I was 11 years old and started to watch Sailor Moon, Digimon, Dragonball and One Piece. Not long after that I started listening to the japanese soundtrack versions and then J-Pop&J-Rock (Ayu, Glay, hide, B’z, Kat-tun, etc.) At that time it was still difficult to get any Manga in a bookstore (except sailor Moon and Ranma ½), but in the meantime I spent so much money in it (Why did it have to become so popular and so expensive??).

Since I started studying (to be exact: 1 year after it) I don’t really read Manga anymore, only listening to a handful Japanese bands (totally into K-Pop now XD), hating Anime and only watching a handful Dorama (thank you, sensei).

Why going to Japan then anyway? Because I’m still fascinated from the culture, I still want to learn the language, I want to learn to love Japan again. I want to get to know Japan, the real Japan. I want to experience it myself. I don’t want that some people at my university are going to destroy my dream. My dream, which I already have for about 10 years (or even more!): Going to Japan and living there for at least 1 year. To let the dream becomes true, it’s now or never! And I’m going to make it NOW.


That should be enough for the beginning.

See you soon~


  • Rina



4 thoughts on “first post aka. introduction post

  1. Now, like right now? /follows along took me here <_<

    Good luck, you will definitly need some of those smileys here 😉

    By the way it's 'reasons' not 'grounds' ^^'

    • XD oops, you’re right. I already made that mistake back in my schooldays… I I know the difference but doing it again and again. Stupid me – sorry ^^”

  2. Nice blog~
    Not giving up on your dreams is great…. but actually LIVING your dreams must be really awesome. I love that aspect of being an adult. Life felt kind of helpless as a teenager, but now we can make our own destiny. The sky’s the limit~

    Hope you’re having fun in Japan, you should post more pictures if you can ;o

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