A Perfect Day

– Spring Edition –

It’s not like every perfect day has to look like this. There are so many variations. Like Having fun with friends, going on a great date, reading all day and playing with my cat while it’s raining outside.

Nevermind, that’s how yesterday, my perfect day, went:

  1. Falling asleep early the day before.

  2. Waking up by myself, before the alarm clock does its cruel job

  3. It’s sunny and warm.

  4. Feeling beautiful~

  5. Having a nice course.

  6. Having a tasty&cheap meal at the canteen.

  7. Walking home.

  8. Reading, eating fruit salad and bathing in the sun at the park.

  9. Going to a fun but exhausting university-sport course.

  10. Walking home after a relaxing shower while watching the sunset.

  11. Eating a tasty dinner while watching a great TV series.

  12. Cuddling with my cat and falling asleep early.

It’s rare that I feel at peace like I did yesterday. Hopefully I will have a day like this again soon. (o⌒∇⌒o)/



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