Getting a Work & Travel – Visa #1

Again it’s some weeks ago since my last post. Sorry (>__<;)

In the meanwhile I spoke with my health insurance and got an affirmation that I will be insured when I am in Japan.

Today I called the Japanese embassy because I still had some questions.

First I wrote an email. It’s just I don’t like to call someone, even my friends XD When I was in my early teens I talked and talked and talked over the telephone.My mum went crazy (^ ^°) But since a few years I’m scared of talking calling someone u__u

But I didn’t get an answer via mail. They only wrote, that I had to call them because they are understaffed. They even send 3 numbers. I called all of them(!) and what I got was the busy signal.

So I tried to call the number, which stands on their homepage. Finally I got an human being on the phone! But again they told me I should call a different number.

At the 6th try I could speak with the right person. \( ^ o ^ )/

She couldn’t speak German well, but it was better than nothing. She answered all of my questions. Now there’s nothing left for me than to hope she did understand me right. (I’m sorry for her… I was so nervous that I blabber really fast ^^“

Next week, or maybe the week after, I will go to the japanese embassy and applying for my visa.

I hope the best!



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