Getting a Work & Travel – Visa #2


Finally I could submit my visa application ヽ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ yay♪

It was a bit more stressful than I thought.

In Germany you need the following documents to get a Working Holiday -Visa in Germany:

  1. a valid passport
  2. a travel plan
  3. a resume
  4. a filled out application form
  5. a new passport photo (taken within in the last 6 month)
  6. proof of an insurance valid for the stay in Japan
  7. a written application (1 DinA4 site)
  8. 2000€ plus plane tickets or 1200€ instead of every non-existent ticket.

(Everything has to be filled out in English… or Japanese… but well… my English isn’t perfect at all [everybody can see the proof right here] but my Japanese is even worse -__-)

I already had my new passport and with it new photos. Also my mum applied for my insurance for abroad. She send me both together with the fill out -forms for points 2,3 and 4 (my stupid printer doesn’t like to do what I want (x_x;) ).

To fill out the resume and the application form was a quick job. Writing a good travel plan was a total different story. It had to be logical, while taking care of possible money problems and also I had to include work, travel and study. Before, I thought it will be an easy job, but…. wuah… I almost went crazy ヾ( ̄Д ̄;≡; ̄Д ̄)ツ

The written application wasn’t an easy job either. “What should I write? What HAVE I to write?”, was all what I was thinking. In my last post I already wrote about my phone call with the Japanese embassy. Then I did asked the nice Japanese lady, among other things, what I should write. First she didn’t understand me. So I asked her if I should write my motivation for living 1 year in Japan. “Yes,yes. Motivation”, she answered. ‘Til now I’m not sure if I wrote the right things. (>__<“)

But the biggest problem was (or still IS) the money. As an poor student I am already happy if I can pay my rent, buy food for my cat and myself and when I still have some money left for going to eat in a restaurant or going to karaoke with friends or going to drink some beer in a bar. So I was lucky enough to have 700€ on my bank account (I have to say, I am a bit proud of myself XD). My mom and my lil’ bro were so nice to lend me some money, but still, it wasn’t enough. But my then my uncle lend me also some. I love my family so much. I’m incredible happy that they are helping me to achieve my dream (*´∇`*)

When I finally had filled out and written everything, I just had to print out my bank documents. I decided to buy a print card in university. But the stupid me couldn’t get it work. The first try was on Monday. But then it was already too late for going to the embassy, and because I was pissed off, that it didn’t work and I was sweating like hell, I went home. New day, new luck, is what you say in Germany. So my second attempt was on Tuesday morning. After 1 hour in the sauna-like computer room I almost punched the stupid printer, so I went home to calm down and to eat a super tasty pizza ❤ After lunch I decided to make a screenshot of my bank account and copying it on an usb-stick. with that I could go to the copy shop to print it out. (Btw. NOW,rather on Wednesday, I got the printer in university work… right away…. ・・・・・・・( ̄  ̄) )

Despite that all, I still could make it on time on Tuesday! 😀

But there was another trouble threatening…. I only had a copy of my insurance. My mom, who applied for it, didn’t get the original. She told me that the health insurance company took it and send it to the head office (or wheresoever….) and so I told the worker at the embassy. After a short discussion they accepted it.

So all what I have (and can) to do now is to wait. I hate it to have to wait. ボーーー ( ̄△ ̄) I can’t to anything except to hope that everything is alight and that I will get my visa. They told me I can come back on the 21st. When I don’t write anything at least on the weekend after that date, I am lying in the corner crying and hating myself. (T-T*)フフフ…

– Rina –

(note: the picture was taken by me last autumn in Düsseldorf (^__^)v )


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