24 hours… The Countdown is running

Ok… NOW I’m starting to panic ó__ò

In 24 hours I will loading my suitcase into the car, taking my little brother 1 hour early from school and driving to the airport. My flight is going at 3.30 (german time). It’s the first long flight for me…. and the first time flying alone. Even so I will be relaxed being finally alone and having free time after all the stress I had in Germany the last weeks and always being together with my family, but still I’m kinda scared of flying and the possibility of crashing.

The last weeks I had so many bad dreams about flying. I was sitting in a plane. At first everything is fine. But then they did a looping over a forest. (Until here it’s still ok.) Suddenly we are in the middle of a big city, flying through the streets. Everywhere are high buildings, the sky cannot be seen. And then the streets become more and more narrow. The plane has to get some high but then there is a really, really high skyscraper right in front of us…

That’s the point I wake up every time. The heart is beating fast. The clothes are sticking on my body from all the sweat.

I don’t understand why I have all this dreams. Normally I don’t have anything against flying. The last time in a big plane is a few years ago, when I was traveling to Egypt. It took about 4 hours. I liked it. A few weeks ago I was flying with my mum in a small plane – a double-decker. I really wanted to fly with it. It was so much fun~ But they bad dreams didn’t stop after that either (u__u)

I just want to have it done and being in Japan – safe.




Oh, yea, I finally changed some money. Now I’m feeling rich~ Muahaha XD (And I even got many of the rare 2000Yen-bills :o)

When I was visiting the bank there was a trainee to help me. Maybe they thought I’m looking so young so I wouldn’t do more than getting money. As I told him I want to change money and that I already know, that it would take 10days but that I don’t know if the weekends are included and that I want to change bar and the money of my bank account, he got nervous. He had to go about 3 times to his superior and asked about every little thing, before she came herself.

I told her I will fly on Wednesday. I meant the one tomorrow, but I think she thought I meant the one last week (sorry >__<)  I gave her my telephone number because she told me, she won’t get the Yen before Tuesday evening. But then I got a call on Tuesday morning. But I still was in Düsseldorf at that time, getting rid of my apartment. Because I forgot my phone at my mother’s place, she had to speak with my Mailbox. 24hours later I got another call from her. She sounded a bit panicked, telling me they will close early that day. I went to get the money on Thursday. She was so relived seeing me and that I’m not in Japan already XD

I think it was great. I went there on the 8th. Normally it will take 10 days getting the Yen from the main branch. But I already could have got it on the 13th. That’s only 5 days and there was a weekend between.

So, when I’m back in Germany I will think about going back to that bank (Volksbank). They are always nice and really want to help their customers. But for now I cancelled my bank account there, because I have another one. At an internet bank with free Visa-Card. I think I will have to get a japanese one, too. But I read a lot about the trouble which foreigners have, when they are trying to get an account at a bank in Japan. (>___<)


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