Hello Japan ~ (^ o ^)/))

Finally I found some time to blog.


(My airplane. Waiting for its Guests to board.)

I left Germany in the afternoon of the 21st, I landed in Japan in the evening of the 22nd. Because of the 7 hour time difference it seemed like an even longer trip. But it was only about 19 hours.


(The first glimpse on the mountains of Japan.)

I was so exhausted when I arrived in Ueno via the Keisei Skyliner from Narita Airport. When I took the first step outside of the station, I felt like being thrown in hell (>__<;) I did know that it is extremely humid here, but I didn’t think it would felt like that! So before dieing I took a taxi to get to my hotel. It was staying at the Hotel “Villa Fountaine Ueno”. A japanese friend of mine made the reservation because she worked there a few years ago. It’s really nice there and also pretty cheap. I had to pay 7000Yen a night. The breakfast was also included! The room there was clean and nice furnished. Also I could see the Skytree~ I want to go back and to stay there the whole year~ XD


(The view out of my hotel room window. It was so cloudy that you couldn’t see the top.)

But well, today I had to move from my hotel in Ueno to my Guesthouse in Waseda. And it was even hotter and more humid. On the morning television they said it was 33°C and over 80% humidity!

I couldn’t do anything about it. So I packed my stuff and went outside. Lucky, my boardcase fit into one of my 2 bigger suitcases. But still I had 2 heavy suitcases and my backpack. It didn’t take 5 minutes until my clothes (hotpants and a fluffy babydoll top) were sticking on my skin. And all the Japanese seemed so fine and fresh. Only a few older men were using a towel for they tiny bit of sweat.


(At Narita Airport, while waiting for the Skyliner.)

As I finally arrived at my final station, I promptly ran into the wrong direction =__= But there came an angel in a body of a nice japanese lady, who could speak English fluent. She went along with me to my guesthouse. She is living near it, but it was still so kind of her :3 I’m so thankfull~

I decided to stay in this guesthouse because it’s cheap. Only 27000Yen for the first month! But… I have to share my room with about 9 other person (maybe more… I didn’t count the beds. Whatever. I have to go through this now. Hopefully I will find a job soon, so I can move out after my 1month-period ends. Wish me luck! 😉

Now I’m sitting in the shared living room, while waiting for the air conditioner in the sleeping room is going to start (either at 9pm or 10pm…) I finally wanna go to sleep. So tired. I could only sleep for 2 hours while the flight (I was too excited and had to watch movies XD I watched Iron Man 3, Oblivion, Hänsel&Gretel-The Witchhunters, and the Japanese Love for Beginners). And only 1 and later a half hour at the hotel (<___<) I really miss the cold German summer right now~




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