1st Shrine Visit


Today I visited a shinto shrine. It was the first time for me~

I didn’t dare to go alone. I don’t know, but it’s kind of … weird… to go in such a place… as a tourist…

I like the Shintoism. But I’m not really into it. And I wanted to take pictures, because shrines are always so beautiful and so peaceful, I wanted to remember that.

I went with two other girls of my guesthouse. They are also from Germany. One of them is staying in Japan since spring already and is staying for 1 year too, but most of her time she spends in the apartment of her boyfriend. She is kind of weird… (sorry, I shouldn’t say something like that when I don’t know her well. But she is always soooo negative and has to be right, even if she isn’t =___= So I’m thinking all the time: “Girl, why don’t you enjoy your short time in Japan?!”) The other is really funny. But she is going in 1 week already u__u

Still, it was so great. We were almost the only visitors. It’s only a small shrine in my neighborhood. Called “Ana Hachiman-gu”. If you are near the Waseda Station, you should pay it a visit. It gives you a nice break from the loud and hectic live of the Metropolis and, in the summer, from the heat (^ o ^)







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