Still alive and still in Japan

Well… What should I say?

I didn’t post, and I feel bad. Because I had/have plenty of things I want(ed) to write about. I even started to write a few Posts but didn’ finish them ’cause the lack of time.

My excuses? First I lived in a Guesthouse where I had Internet, but in a small house, with a small kitching-living-room, where everybody were (meaning: most of the about 30-40 roommates) hanging out, I didn’t find much quiet time to write anything. Also I had to get used to live in Japan – looking around the City, Meeting new People, looking for a Job, just having fun most of the time.

But as I found a Job, I always felt so exhausted, I only wanted to sleep (most times it’s still like that even now).

Finally I got to move in my own (to be exact: my and my boyfriends) Apartment. I feel more relaxed here. So quick after moving I started to think “I want to write about this” “I want to write about that”, but where should I begin?

Now I just started. I will write about this and that. Probably not in a chronicle way, but I’ll try to get some structure i the Posts.


Before getting started, a little Review about the things I would like to write about:

  • Living in a Guesthouse (in Japan)
  • Moving in an apartment
  • Travel (Kyoto, Hakone, Nikko, Kawagoe)
  • Japanese Health Insurance/Doctor Visitings
  • Tôkyô
  • Hanami
  • Cats
  • Food
  • ??? (We will see 😀 )


See you then~ (^ ^)



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