Strawberry and Raspberry – Latte


Today I came across this Powderstick-Latte from Maxim with a Strawberry and Raspberry taste in the Supermarket.

I can’t withstand anything with strawberry flavor (or matcha <3). I HAVE to buy it. Being in Japan, that’s totally normal. Here you can find anything with Strawberry. I’m in paradise \(^ O ^)/


In 1 pack are only 4 sticks. It was 189 Yen (but prices differs in each supermarket. Where I bought it, it’s a bit more expensive) but minus 30 percent! Lucky~ 😀

It’s easy and quick to make:

  1. Fill the powder into a cup.
  2. Fill 130 ml hot water into the cup.
  3. Stir it.
  4. Enjoy~ ❤


First I was a bit sceptical. Normally things like this will taste better if you take hot milk instead of water, but it was tasty! Even the pieces of fruits on the top were great – fruity X3 I’m not a big fan of pieces in my drinks and in yoghurt, even if it’s fruits. But here it fits well and I would miss them (=^ _ ^=)

If you are in Japan or going to come, you should buy it, if you see it. Sooo delicious~ ❤



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