Lucky me~

I just came back from work (walk distance).
I took a bit different way because there were 2 guys walking on my normal way.
Suddenly a little cat jumped in front my feet. She purred a lot a told me many things (´▽`)
Also she rolled around and let me pet her ♡
Unfortunately some people cane around and she got scared and ran away (T^T)
At least we had 10 minutes to play~ Maybe I’m going back to that place and look for her.
She is so adorable. I want to meet her asap ♥

I tried to take a pucture of her,  but she was to much running around ^^”
I wish I could take one of her face. She has cute a moustache (^口^)


Also I met another cat near my home.
It wasn’t the first time seeing this cute one. But until now I saw it from my window only.
Sadly it was too scared and was hiding under a car 😦


Rina ☆




I met this cute cat when I came back from school.

I really hated the day so far: waking up at 6.30, having 2 boring Japanese classes (at least today was evaluationday. I could complain about my behated teacher!). After that I had asian history tutorial. It’s totally boring. This time I had to make a speech (Korea and Japan from ~1300~1600). Really hate to speak in front of class >__<

When it was finally over I had to go to my 2nd job to "have a talk". There were some problems. The chef wanted to have a restart. But I declined. I only wamt to have my money and then they'll never see me again. They are so stupid (=_=)

But then I saw this cute little kitty ♡
I could touch it a bit. I'm missing my cat so much. So happy to have him with me again,  when I'm coming back from Japan mid march (´▽`)

I will relax a bot now. Have to work this night at my 1st job (´Д` )
The first time with full house and without help. I'm so scared (¯ ^ ¯ )

Oh,  2nd good news,  beside the fact I saw a cat,  I didd well on my korean exam yesterday. I got my certification (^口^)
Next week the class will meet and it some korean food. Looking forward it ♡

Rina (^_^)