Japan, here I come ~

(originally written on Sunday (2015-02-15))


my airplane (ANA) with the blury me

I arrrived about 1,5hours agou at the airport and that’s onnly half time. I like to arrive early. But it seems that many people are the late ones. Every minute is an other call for passangers who are still missing. I wonder if they had made it. O_O

Even I’m a bit scared I’m also so excited to flight back to Japan,  Tokyo (^o^)



Rina ★


How things are going

The last weeks were stressful. And the coming ones will be the same… ε-(ーдー)ハァ

In the last week of June I had to quit my contracts: apartment, telephone, Internet, television, electricity, GEZ (a stupid and way too expensive Charge, mainly for radio and television!). Also I had to entrust my mother with authority for my bank account and I also ordered a new bank Card, because the old one is going to lost ist value this year.

First I tried to find someone who were willing to rent my apartment complete furnished while I am in Japan. But sadly I didn’t find anyone. Most of the interests wanted to rent it only for 1 up to 3 month. All the first year students are writing their Abitur right now, so they still not know where they are going to study yet. Now I cancel it. And the Thing what is stressing me the most right now is, that I have to sell (or even throw away!) everything what is not fitting in my suitcase (>___<) ‘Cause my mom is living about 600km far away, don’t like to drive big cars/with a trailer and the fuel is way too expensive.

Also I have to make appointments with the estate agent. I don’t know I should make time for it. I have to go to University, doing homework, learning for my exams in July, learning Japanese for my exam in August, working at least 2 evenings a week at my 1st workplace and working 1 or 2 days at the weekend. Also I have to order my stuff, looking for a Job in Japan, looking for an apartment in Tokyo, having some free time with my friends and giving as much love as possible to my cat ヽ(=^゚ω゚)^/ ハニャ~~ while just being by myself, relaxing.

But 1 good News I have: Today I finally booked my flight to Tokyo! (*´∇`*)


(Picture source: Emirates)

To be precise, I made a Reservation for booking it XD” Initial, I wanted to book it yesterday via Internet, because I don’t like to talk to People I don’t know. But there was a Problem booking it with a youth Discount, but it didn’t work. They wanted to have my ISIC-Number (a number which you’ll receive when you are applying for an international Student Card) but I didn’t have one. I sent them an E-Mail –> no answer.

So today, after my courses, and still not received an answer mail, I went to an travel agency, where I could apply for the Student Card.

Because I didn’t get the answer mail until lunchtime, I applied for the Student card, paid 12 €, wouldn’t get the card ’til the end of next week, although on their Homepage they wrote it is “ready to go” (I was pretty annoyed that time but I couldn’t cancel it anymore!). On my home I was worried I wouldn’t get that flight for that price anymore, when I finally would receive my Card. When I came home I got an E-Mail. I wasn’t even 1 hour outside! The online travel agency understood my Problem and I should call them so they can book my flight individually. (The Problem: Most of the time, the youth discount is only valid for People until their 25th birthday. But this one Airline [Emirates] was offering it until your 26th birthday. However, the system hadn’t it in its program. )

I wanted to pay the ticket with my Visa-Card. Everything was fine. Not even half an hour later I got a phone call from the agency, that they would get the flight Reservation for sure, but that they couldn’t dept my account and if I would like to pay with a different account. I panicked a bit, ’cause even with the payment via credit Card I had to pay extra 5€, paying it with a normal bank account you have to pay 9€ extra. As you can see: I’m cheap XD But they were very nice. I told them I would Transfer Money to my Visa account right away, so they could get their Money today. That was at 1.30pm, my bank advertise that they would transfer your Money for sure, if you do it before 2.30pm. The Money was taken off right away. Now it’s 8pm and the Money still isn’t on my Visa Account (it’s the same bank). That’s why the agency still don’t have their Money and for that very reason I still don’t have my eTicket. (TT__TT)

Whatever. I am still pissed of, that I had to pay for this stupid student card, which I could only use til the end of 2013. I think I have to visit a lot of Museums where I would get a Student Discount owning the ISIC-Card, doing the best out of it. (^__~)

Summary: Things to do:

  • Selling/Throwing away my stuff
  • painting my apartment in White
  • Job Search
  • Looking for an apartment in Tokyo
  • Going to all kind of doctors
  • learning (especially JAPANESE)
  • throwing a Goodbye-Party
  • enjoying the last weeks with my cat ❤

I hope that’s everything, at least the important ones.

Not that much time anymore and you will finally get to read regular, hopefully more interesting ,and definitely including with more pictures, Posts from Japan. With the flight, I will hopefully still get, I would arrive in the evening of the 22nd of August! (@⌒ο⌒@)b ウフッ