It’s February ☆

Finally February!
Only 2 weeks til Japan ♡
I am soooo excited~ (´▽`)


Rhein (Bonn)

But at first, I have to learn for my japanese exam. I only repeat some Kanji yesterday. In the evening I went to a farewell party from some japanese exchange students. I only wanted to drink 1 beer and to head back home early. But… Of course I din’t drink only 1. I were there until closing. My bus drove at 3.30am.

Now I am totally exhausted, having a hangover (headache, everything is spinning) and  my shirt is ruined because one japanese guy was so drunk,  that he pushed a candle and all the wax got on my shirt. Red candle, white shirt. Not a good combination. (><)

So I am going to watch "the perfect wedding" xD

Have a nice sunday~



It’s snowing


Finally it’s winter!  I woke up this morning with bad mood. But as I saw the snow I didn’t care about anything anymore. I put on 3 layers of clothes and went outside to play (^o^)
Was quite fun,  even the view at the Rhein river wasn’t as beautiful as I imagined. The only think I saw was fog ╯︿╰

Ok,  back to learn 敬語 (respectful japanese) (=_=) It’s soooo difficult! Whyyyyyy? (T^T)


My Life Back In Germany

How is it beeing back in your homecountry after living 1 year in your most loved country?

Before I went to Japan,  I studied in Duesseldorf Japanese. But I had some problems with some teachers. I couldn’t take my exam, that’s why I couldn’t continue my studies.
To relax,  to get some distance and – of course – to fullfill my dream I went to Japan.
Now I feel less stressed. Maybe because I changed the university (^口^)
My major is different,  I have many homework, but it’s soooo much better now. Again there is a not that nice & good teacher. But it’s only one (at moment) and this time the teacher is just a teacher and not in charge of the exams and the following studies. So not a big problem (^_~)

As I changed university,  I changed the city. I moved to Bonn. It’s not that big and not that beautiful,  but at least the university is beautiful (^ω^)
Before I went to Japan I lived alone in my own apartment. In Japan I lived 3 month in a guesthouse with up to 40 roommates. After that I lived with my boyfriend. I really miss it.
But because both wasn’t that bad,  I thought it would be ok to live with a roommate back in Germany too.
But NO NO NO! I hate it sooooo much (- o -;)
But I can’t do much about it at moment. It’s just too expensive to move and to live alone. So I am enduring it.
I always say to myself “If I study hard and work even harder,  I will be able to move back to Japan in 2016”. ファイト!
At least my cat is living with me ♡

Since December I am working again… as waitress.
At moment I have 2 jobs. One in a nice little restaurant, where I am well paid and even get (realistic)  tip. One is in a systemgastronomy. I hate it. And as soon I get my paycheck,  I will resign. The people who are working there are stupid bitches (not everyone but propably 90%). Now they have to pay the minimum wage (8,50€/h) but I started in December with 6,30€/h. And you don’t even get the tip. You have 20min break if you are working 7hours. But you have only about 10min because you have to go in the basement. Last time I worked 6,5h without any break. It’s hard when you can’t sit down even for a minute, can’t eat anything and also don’t have any time to drink something!

Well,  enough about that.

Next time I am going to write a bit about my life in Japan. But now I have to learn for my exam in 1 week ︸_︸