Asian History – Part 2

Tuesday was a horrible day.
I only slept for about 3 hours,  was tired,  forgot to eat breakfast and the worst: I had to write the behated asian history exam.
While waiting for entrance I read some possible questions. I didn’t know ANY of the answers (´Д` )

When I got the exam sheets my panic vanished. For the panic came the who-cares-I-dont-know-this-sh*t-anyway.
That’s why I marked one time a,  an other time b or c, sometimes d.

After 30 of 90 minutes I was one of the first persons finishing the exam.
I was 100% sure to fail.
BUT (!) I got my result today: I passed!
I still think that say made a mistake xD
But I am happy~ (^口^)
It wasn’t even a bad mark ☆

Now the Japanese Exam mark is the last one left.
心配している (><)

Rina ★




Yes! The Japanese Exam is over!

I think I won’t have to retake it. But because I have this “okayish” feeling,  I am worrying even more.
The last time I had this kind of feeling after an exam,  I failed. (´Д` )


Next week I have to write asian history. There way too much to learn for. I don’t know how I should be able to learn everything (><)
But well. Today I won't worry about it.

I am on my way home (it's snowing ☆). I will eat pizza,  play video games and then I will go to work.

Rina (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

PS: Yes,  I am that kind of nerd running around with a typical japanese highschool bag with a Tokyotower accessory XD