Japan, here I come ~

(originally written on Sunday (2015-02-15))


my airplane (ANA) with the blury me

I arrrived about 1,5hours agou at the airport and that’s onnly half time. I like to arrive early. But it seems that many people are the late ones. Every minute is an other call for passangers who are still missing. I wonder if they had made it. O_O

Even I’m a bit scared I’m also so excited to flight back to Japan,  Tokyo (^o^)



Rina ★


It’s February ☆

Finally February!
Only 2 weeks til Japan ♡
I am soooo excited~ (´▽`)


Rhein (Bonn)

But at first, I have to learn for my japanese exam. I only repeat some Kanji yesterday. In the evening I went to a farewell party from some japanese exchange students. I only wanted to drink 1 beer and to head back home early. But… Of course I din’t drink only 1. I were there until closing. My bus drove at 3.30am.

Now I am totally exhausted, having a hangover (headache, everything is spinning) and  my shirt is ruined because one japanese guy was so drunk,  that he pushed a candle and all the wax got on my shirt. Red candle, white shirt. Not a good combination. (><)

So I am going to watch "the perfect wedding" xD

Have a nice sunday~


お久しぶり~ ☆

Well… it’s been a while…again ^^”

In Mid August I came back from Japan. While living there I was kinda busy with enjoying my life.

Back in Germany I began to sort the hundreds and hundreds of pictures. I’m still not finished (´Д` )

My pc-cable broke in early October. And I didn’t buy a new one yet. I am too broke to buy a new one (=_=)

(I am writing this post with my mobile phone – my first smartphone! )

BUT I will going back to Japan in Mid February!!!

That’s so amazing! My Mum lend me the money for the flight. 650€ for 2way. It’s a direct flight from Duesseldorf to Narita with ANA. I am so excited!

I’m missing Japan so much. Especially my boyfriend – of course. But also the people, the food, the culture, the wold cats, and so on.

It was such a culture shock, when I came back to Germany. My mind is still confused sometimes. Always thinking something isn’t right. So many things are different here and there.

Before I went to Japan, I already knew so much about it. Even some things were kinda strange, even after 1 year living in Japan, it was ok. But sometimes I missed things from Germany, like food, space (at home, in the supermarket, on the street) , the weather…

But when I came back it was so different from the memories I had in my mind. The food isn’t that tasty anymore, the weather is stupid (it was summer, even so I had to wear my winter jacket and I still felt cold – in AUGUST! ), I don’t have much space in the supermarket or in the center town. But it is really nice that I don’t have to walk on narrow streets every time leaving home XD

Well. Why I finally writing again after 1 year?

I missed it. I really like writing. Even I didn’t post much I always thought “Oh, that would nice to write about” and “I want to take a picture of it to show it in the internet”. But I didn’t do anything. I am just too lazy ╯︿╰

A big sorry.

I will change!

But… now is not a good time for it xD

Soon I have to write 2 exams (Japanese and History of Asia) and I didn’t learn much yet (´Д` )

But I think, you won’t have to wait again for 1 year til the next post (^_~)


24 hours… The Countdown is running

Ok… NOW I’m starting to panic ó__ò

In 24 hours I will loading my suitcase into the car, taking my little brother 1 hour early from school and driving to the airport. My flight is going at 3.30 (german time). It’s the first long flight for me…. and the first time flying alone. Even so I will be relaxed being finally alone and having free time after all the stress I had in Germany the last weeks and always being together with my family, but still I’m kinda scared of flying and the possibility of crashing.

The last weeks I had so many bad dreams about flying. I was sitting in a plane. At first everything is fine. But then they did a looping over a forest. (Until here it’s still ok.) Suddenly we are in the middle of a big city, flying through the streets. Everywhere are high buildings, the sky cannot be seen. And then the streets become more and more narrow. The plane has to get some high but then there is a really, really high skyscraper right in front of us…

That’s the point I wake up every time. The heart is beating fast. The clothes are sticking on my body from all the sweat.

I don’t understand why I have all this dreams. Normally I don’t have anything against flying. The last time in a big plane is a few years ago, when I was traveling to Egypt. It took about 4 hours. I liked it. A few weeks ago I was flying with my mum in a small plane – a double-decker. I really wanted to fly with it. It was so much fun~ But they bad dreams didn’t stop after that either (u__u)

I just want to have it done and being in Japan – safe.




Oh, yea, I finally changed some money. Now I’m feeling rich~ Muahaha XD (And I even got many of the rare 2000Yen-bills :o)

When I was visiting the bank there was a trainee to help me. Maybe they thought I’m looking so young so I wouldn’t do more than getting money. As I told him I want to change money and that I already know, that it would take 10days but that I don’t know if the weekends are included and that I want to change bar and the money of my bank account, he got nervous. He had to go about 3 times to his superior and asked about every little thing, before she came herself.

I told her I will fly on Wednesday. I meant the one tomorrow, but I think she thought I meant the one last week (sorry >__<)  I gave her my telephone number because she told me, she won’t get the Yen before Tuesday evening. But then I got a call on Tuesday morning. But I still was in Düsseldorf at that time, getting rid of my apartment. Because I forgot my phone at my mother’s place, she had to speak with my Mailbox. 24hours later I got another call from her. She sounded a bit panicked, telling me they will close early that day. I went to get the money on Thursday. She was so relived seeing me and that I’m not in Japan already XD

I think it was great. I went there on the 8th. Normally it will take 10 days getting the Yen from the main branch. But I already could have got it on the 13th. That’s only 5 days and there was a weekend between.

So, when I’m back in Germany I will think about going back to that bank (Volksbank). They are always nice and really want to help their customers. But for now I cancelled my bank account there, because I have another one. At an internet bank with free Visa-Card. I think I will have to get a japanese one, too. But I read a lot about the trouble which foreigners have, when they are trying to get an account at a bank in Japan. (>___<)

The last weeks in Germany

Yesterday I left the 2-week-mark behind! On the 21th of August I am finally gonna fly to Japan~

I’m becoming really excited. Even though I still have to do so many things and I don’t have a job in Japan yet. Today I will go to the bank and going to change my money, ’cause it will take 10 days getting Yen.

About 2 weeks ago my parents came to me and helped me with moving out of my own Apartment. Now I’m living with my mother… with all my stuff… in packing cases… Even so she has a big house, it’s cramped. I already sort out things before moving, it – is – way – too – much O__O

This weekend I will go back to my Apartment. I still have some furniture there, which are going to be bulky waste. But I also have my kitchen there. My hopes, that I can sell it at least for a little money, are not dead yet… ^^°

Well, I don#t have much to tell right now. All what I’m doing is to learn for my test next monday and trying to enjoy the time family. But today in 2 weeks… I will be on my plane. But today in 2 weeks and 1 day I will be in Japan and hopefully I can write more exciting things henceforward. 😀

Following some pictures of the German summer I took the last days~










Im Jungel



How things are going

The last weeks were stressful. And the coming ones will be the same… ε-(ーдー)ハァ

In the last week of June I had to quit my contracts: apartment, telephone, Internet, television, electricity, GEZ (a stupid and way too expensive Charge, mainly for radio and television!). Also I had to entrust my mother with authority for my bank account and I also ordered a new bank Card, because the old one is going to lost ist value this year.

First I tried to find someone who were willing to rent my apartment complete furnished while I am in Japan. But sadly I didn’t find anyone. Most of the interests wanted to rent it only for 1 up to 3 month. All the first year students are writing their Abitur right now, so they still not know where they are going to study yet. Now I cancel it. And the Thing what is stressing me the most right now is, that I have to sell (or even throw away!) everything what is not fitting in my suitcase (>___<) ‘Cause my mom is living about 600km far away, don’t like to drive big cars/with a trailer and the fuel is way too expensive.

Also I have to make appointments with the estate agent. I don’t know I should make time for it. I have to go to University, doing homework, learning for my exams in July, learning Japanese for my exam in August, working at least 2 evenings a week at my 1st workplace and working 1 or 2 days at the weekend. Also I have to order my stuff, looking for a Job in Japan, looking for an apartment in Tokyo, having some free time with my friends and giving as much love as possible to my cat ヽ(=^゚ω゚)^/ ハニャ~~ while just being by myself, relaxing.

But 1 good News I have: Today I finally booked my flight to Tokyo! (*´∇`*)


(Picture source: Emirates)

To be precise, I made a Reservation for booking it XD” Initial, I wanted to book it yesterday via Internet, because I don’t like to talk to People I don’t know. But there was a Problem booking it with a youth Discount, but it didn’t work. They wanted to have my ISIC-Number (a number which you’ll receive when you are applying for an international Student Card) but I didn’t have one. I sent them an E-Mail –> no answer.

So today, after my courses, and still not received an answer mail, I went to an travel agency, where I could apply for the Student Card.

Because I didn’t get the answer mail until lunchtime, I applied for the Student card, paid 12 €, wouldn’t get the card ’til the end of next week, although on their Homepage they wrote it is “ready to go” (I was pretty annoyed that time but I couldn’t cancel it anymore!). On my home I was worried I wouldn’t get that flight for that price anymore, when I finally would receive my Card. When I came home I got an E-Mail. I wasn’t even 1 hour outside! The online travel agency understood my Problem and I should call them so they can book my flight individually. (The Problem: Most of the time, the youth discount is only valid for People until their 25th birthday. But this one Airline [Emirates] was offering it until your 26th birthday. However, the system hadn’t it in its program. )

I wanted to pay the ticket with my Visa-Card. Everything was fine. Not even half an hour later I got a phone call from the agency, that they would get the flight Reservation for sure, but that they couldn’t dept my account and if I would like to pay with a different account. I panicked a bit, ’cause even with the payment via credit Card I had to pay extra 5€, paying it with a normal bank account you have to pay 9€ extra. As you can see: I’m cheap XD But they were very nice. I told them I would Transfer Money to my Visa account right away, so they could get their Money today. That was at 1.30pm, my bank advertise that they would transfer your Money for sure, if you do it before 2.30pm. The Money was taken off right away. Now it’s 8pm and the Money still isn’t on my Visa Account (it’s the same bank). That’s why the agency still don’t have their Money and for that very reason I still don’t have my eTicket. (TT__TT)

Whatever. I am still pissed of, that I had to pay for this stupid student card, which I could only use til the end of 2013. I think I have to visit a lot of Museums where I would get a Student Discount owning the ISIC-Card, doing the best out of it. (^__~)

Summary: Things to do:

  • Selling/Throwing away my stuff
  • painting my apartment in White
  • Job Search
  • Looking for an apartment in Tokyo
  • Going to all kind of doctors
  • learning (especially JAPANESE)
  • throwing a Goodbye-Party
  • enjoying the last weeks with my cat ❤

I hope that’s everything, at least the important ones.

Not that much time anymore and you will finally get to read regular, hopefully more interesting ,and definitely including with more pictures, Posts from Japan. With the flight, I will hopefully still get, I would arrive in the evening of the 22nd of August! (@⌒ο⌒@)b ウフッ


日本デー 2013


At May 25th there was the “Japantag” (日本デー/Japanday) in Düsseldorf. It’s held every year and is really popular among Japanfreaks in Germany. So obviously it is cramped like hell.

The program-mainpoints are directly at the Rhein Boardwalk. There you can find some information stands about Japan and it’s culture, also some selling stands with anime-goods, yukatas, cosplay-stuff and japanese food (Ramen, Takoyaki, Gyoza, etc.). Also there are stages, where japanese musicians (no popular ones), dancers and japanese kindergartens perform, also there are stages for Japanese Sport performances (like Kendo and Karate) and for Karaoke- and Cosplay-Competition. The boardwalk is also the place where a great japanese firework is being shown.

For the Japanday there is also a framework programme. You can visit a japanese temple for free, where you can see a Ikebanda exhibition, also you can see documentations of Japan at the cinema, visit a japanese drawing exhibition and so on.

For this event the people come from everywhere in Germany. Some of the visitors are coming in Yukata, but most of them doing Cosplay. I’m not that much of a Cosplay-Fan (anymore… 10 years ago I thought it would be cool) but they should do like they want to. Years ago, when it became popular in Germany going on Conventions and dressing up for them, most of the costumes were made with much care. Bute lately it became a mainstream thing and the costumes are looking like they done it in 5 Minutes. Without many details, crappy stitching, not fitting. Normally I don’t think bad about people, who aren’t 90-60-90, I’m not looking like that either! But… Seeing a wider-than-high Sailor Moon in a way too small and poor made Costume, showing every fatroll and the underwear lines – that was horrible (((o(><;)(;><)o)))


For me it was the 4th time at the Japanday. Every time I spend the day different.


The first time. I was so excited! I wanted to go to the Japanday before, but it’s about 600km from my hometown and because it was too expensive to go to Düsseldorf just for a day, I didn’t go. But starting with university in Düsseldorf I could go – finally (*´∇`*)

I spend it with my at that time best male friend and an other friend of us. It was damn hot. But we had a lot of fun, strolling around, drinking cold beer and watching other people. Later that day a Japanese friend (my Date that time) came to us and I watched the fireworks with him.


I went with a japanese friend of mine and a japanese friend of him. It was funny seeing the jealous looks from all the girls. They were like “OMG! I can she dare coming here with 2 tall, cool japanese guys?! They should come with me!” ;D

While waiting for the fireworks we went to a korean restaurant (where they played and showed music videos of K-Pop Artists <3) because the Japanese ones were way too cramped.


I went with a good friend of mine and a friend of him. After about 2 hours drinking expensive beer and watching the Karaoke failures, we went to a supermarket and bought a whole box of beer. We went to the other side of the river, drinking beer, lying in the sun and waiting for the firework to start. It was so much fun!

As you see… I only gone there with male friends XD” It’s just that many girls dislike me, thinking I am arrogant or too flirty with guys or something like that. In my opinion it’s just easier to make friends with guys, girls are too bitchy 😛 But this year it was different!


I went with two of my best friends who I know since 5th grade! First there were 2 other girls too, but they did only know one of us 3 so they clinked out soon. (Sorry!)

Unlike the last 3 years, it wasn’t warm at all. It was windy, cold and it rained. We only went back and forth once. First we watched a kindergarten group singing (sooooo cute!), then we was looking at the stands a bit and at the evening we were going to eat at a japanese restaurant. I didn’t look at the clock, but I think we had to stand in line for 1 hour til we got a table! If you are visiting Düsseldorf you should eat at “Takumi” on the Immermann Str. It’s the best!

Because the weather was so bad and we were tired and full from the meal, we went home. My actual plan was going home, resting for 2 hours, pimping myself, going to watch the firework or watching it at television and then going to a club, where they hold a J-Pop/K-Pop Party. But …. I fall asleep til 1p.m. the next day. XD” Obviously the week before the Japanday was really tiring! The night from Monday to Tuesday was a birthday party, so I could get only 2 hours sleep before university, Wednesday university the all day long (having to stand up at 6a.m. and coming home at 9p.m.), Thursday University again, Friday University and then unexpectedly I had to work till 1a.m. And on Saturday it was the day of the days – the Japanday. All the week long, I only slept 4 hours at the maximum! (<__<;)

On Sunday I didn’t do much. Just lying on my couch watching television and dorama (“Rich Man, Poor Woman”, I really like that dorama. I watched it last year while it was aired, but I had to re-watch it because of a course in University. I wish every course would be about dorama XD). Although I slept ~15hours that night, I felt drained and my feet hurt like hell; ’cause I wore High Heels on Saturday and since 1 or 2 years I almost don’t wear High Heels. I’m not used to it anymore…. But the shoes are just too cute to let them get dusty.

Even if my plans for the Japanday were different, it was fun and nice. I’m trying to see my best friends as much as possible. Leaving them for a year… ha… I will miss them!! 。・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。

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