Asian History – Part 2

Tuesday was a horrible day.
I only slept for about 3 hours,  was tired,  forgot to eat breakfast and the worst: I had to write the behated asian history exam.
While waiting for entrance I read some possible questions. I didn’t know ANY of the answers (´Д` )

When I got the exam sheets my panic vanished. For the panic came the who-cares-I-dont-know-this-sh*t-anyway.
That’s why I marked one time a,  an other time b or c, sometimes d.

After 30 of 90 minutes I was one of the first persons finishing the exam.
I was 100% sure to fail.
BUT (!) I got my result today: I passed!
I still think that say made a mistake xD
But I am happy~ (^口^)
It wasn’t even a bad mark ☆

Now the Japanese Exam mark is the last one left.
心配している (><)

Rina ★


Nothing good happens after 2a.m.

My hand hurts! ╯︿╰
Since about 8 hours I try my best to learn Asian History – every part of it.
To learn I have to write things down. That’s why after doing my best for the last hours, I really need a brak now.

At moment it’s 2.40 am…
It’s only a few hours until my exam (´Д` )
But can’t help it. I can’t find any sleep unless I read and wrote down at least ‘something’ for every country in Asia. And that are really really many countries (><)

The worst thing is,  that I couldn't learn much for this exam until now. First I had to learn for Japanese exam (and Korean). After that I had to work much and also I couldn't get any motivation to start,  because I just had to learn so much for Japanese.
On Friday I began. But really unmotivated. So I didn't get much work done. Also I had to work in the evening.
I wanted to start my big study session on Saturday. I like to learn if I don't need to go outside or have to do anything else.
BUT right when I came back from work I became ill. All I did this weekend was running every 5 minutes into the bathroom. (+_+)
I felt like dying.
Since today I feel better. I could eat some soup and bananas. Also I can sit for some while without getting dizzy. Woooooooh! ( ̄ー ̄)
That's why I have to do all the work now. Lucky me: It's an multiple choice exam. So maybe I am lucky and get at least the needed 70% without knowing anything.
I heard,  that someone passed the exam while just marking a) at every question xD

I just began to look into Westasien History. To be honest: I don't have any interest in learning this sh*t. I am into East Asia,  South-East-Asia is ok. But the rest…. bahh… (=_=)
It's so hard trying to learn something you don't like. Especially when your teacher thinks you don't have anything else to do/to learn. The stuff I have to learn for Westasia is more than everything else together.

(The lessons in Asian History:
3 times a week, changing subjects halfway.
Oct – Dec: Westasia; China; South-East-Asia
Dec-Feb: Tibet&Mongulei; Japan&Korea; Asian Arthistory)

Maybe the teacher thinks that her part is the most important. Maybe the teacher thinks it's the most easy because many Asian Studies Students are Muslim and already know many thinks about the history.

Well…. It's already 3 am. now. Have to go back to my table …

Wish me good luck ~

Rina ☆

PS: Next week at this time I'll already be in Japan (^口^)



Yes! The Japanese Exam is over!

I think I won’t have to retake it. But because I have this “okayish” feeling,  I am worrying even more.
The last time I had this kind of feeling after an exam,  I failed. (´Д` )


Next week I have to write asian history. There way too much to learn for. I don’t know how I should be able to learn everything (><)
But well. Today I won't worry about it.

I am on my way home (it's snowing ☆). I will eat pizza,  play video games and then I will go to work.

Rina (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

PS: Yes,  I am that kind of nerd running around with a typical japanese highschool bag with a Tokyotower accessory XD